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What We Aim To Do

We aim to do what we say in our articles of incorporation - To develop, engage and represent the Community that is located at Hamilton Reach.

We aim to continue to develop and engage the community through our regular activities such as:

  • Wool and Wine

  • Book Club

  • Craft Beer Club

  • Art in the park

  • Emu Bob (seasonal tidy up)

We are also enthusiastically developing future events and projects, after receiving feedback from the community, including the following:

  • A community garden

  • Beach Volleyball

  • Social tennis, cycling, kids' soccer

  • Park games and picnics

We operate a Community Book Swap Library, situated near Riverlight where you can feel free to take a book or swap a book.  If you have a few books to donate leave them in the library.  If you have a box of books then contact one of our volunteer librarians by writing to library@hamiltonreach.org.au

Our achievements will only be limited by the ideas and contributions of time and effort the Community members are prepared to make. We welcome new ideas, suggestions or feedback on what you would like to see.

We are also keen to welcome more Community Ambassadors to manage regular activities or projects. Whilst the members of the initial Committee have excelled to date, in order to grow the association, more support is required.

Meet the Committee

As required for a Not for Profit Association we have a Management Committee (office-bearers required under the Act):

John Ryan - President

Nikki Redfern - Treasurer

Roy Olsen - Secretary

We also have individual sub-committees with specific focus:

Events Subcommittee - Jacinta MacDonald - Chair

Community Garden Subcommittee - Coming soon.. 

What is the Association?

Incorporated associations are a vital part of Queensland’s not-for-profit sector, with approximately 22,900 currently registered with the Office of Fair Trading.  They represent many facets of communities such as industry groups, sporting clubs, social and or hobby-based groups, and related community groups.

We have incorporated under the “model rules” for associations in Queensland and our official objective is simple - "To develop, engage and represent the Community that is located at Hamilton Reach”. 

The HRCA is now a legally recognised institution as not-for-profit, with an ABN and a registered domain at www.hamiltonreach.org.au.  We operate a webpage, Facebook Page and a Facebook Group.    We are obligated to report annually to the government on our status and financial management.

The establishment has been very focused on having a platform for growth and robust systems and necessary independence.  We have engaged The Community Co to provide us with a registered office and services such as accounting, administration and establishment of bank accounts. The Community Co is the Body Corporate Manager for a number of the schemes in the area and has worked with Community Associations in other locations.

We have also established Google GSuite for our domain and email accounts have been set up for our office bearers, to ensure correspondence is maintained with the HRCA and not the individuals.

Community Representation

We have heard your concerns about matters ranging from inadequate toilets in the park, insufficient garbage bins, to the scarcity of parking spaces. Whilst the HRCA can’t directly rectify these issues, we can certainly represent the community with the relevant government stakeholders on your behalf. To that end, we will begin with meeting the local Brisbane City Council Representative David MacLachlan and the State Government Representative Tim Nicholls. Both David and Tim have been very enthusiastically involved in a number of our initial activities as an unincorporated association and have been supportive of our incorporation.

Please note that the Association will represent you with the exterior community space.  For example, we will take up issues to do with waste management in parks or the beach, but we cannot deal with rubbish in your building or pool; these are matters for your Body Corporate.  


All Associations have memberships with various categories. We acknowledged early on that owner-occupiers, owner-investors and tenants may be initially reluctant to pay for a membership, when the HRCA is in its formative stages. It is very important, however, that we are not only engaged with the Community but that, when we represent you with the stakeholders such as Brisbane City Council, we have the means to communicate with you and hear your concerns.  As such, in addition to paid memberships of the HRCA, we will be initially offering a membership tier of free Associate Member, which will have full access to our webpage, forums and community events. It will be limited only in that the Associate Members will not have voting rights at our AGM, or be elected to the management committee. However, Associate Members can be part of, or lead, various working groups or events.

Financial Members, either as Individual or Family Members, are a necessary element to an association, as there are many costs incurred in running an association.  The committee members and other volunteers have given freely of their own time and even materials, such as art class consumables and wool for scarves. However, administration costs for accounting/admin, our membership website, as well as planned future activities, all require expenditure. Visit our Join Us page to explore the evolving  benefits & options further. 

Corporate Membership

The HRCA will also be pursuing Corporate Membership from businesses in the local area, or who regularly service the community; such as nearby cafes and bottle shops. 


We will continue to utilise our Facebook group, but we understand that not all members of our Community are regular users of Facebook.  As such, we have established this membership-based website, which is more secure and not part of Facebook’s advertising model. The website has details of our HRCA events, news, forums, and in the future, surveys and polls on items of interest. We aim to continue to enhance this as time goes on.

To date, hard copy newsletters and communications have been hand-delivered to every resident’s mailbox, but they are quite expensive to produce, therefore more of our communication will be digital, with hard copies being reserved for special notifications.

The Hamilton Reach Community Association Inc. acknowledges the Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the first inhabitants of the nation and the traditional custodians of the lands where we live, learn and work.

Any general enquires;


Images from in and Around the Hamilton Reach Community supplied by: 

Colin Parker, Bron Kovacs, Annette Sommerville, Margaret Peril, Jeremy McDonald, Jacinta MacDonald, Georgia Wyldbore, Gina Kingston, Helga Batholomeusz, Tania Ryan

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