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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you communicate with the Community?  We have a number of platforms this webpage, a public Facebook Page and a private Facebook Group (open to all residents members or not), we issue newsletters which are mailbox dropped and at times we email directly to our registered members on relevant matters.

Who is Membership Open to? Membership is currently open to any residents of the Hamilton Reach Development including homes up to Chevron headquarters.

What are the benefits of Membership of the Association?  Any Community Association is only as strong as the contribution and support of the members.  Hamilton Reach is a very young Community amidst what is still a largely undeveloped major piece of infrastructure being Nortshhore.  As Frasers Property moves onto other projects the Association provides a pathway for the Community to come together and be represented with relevant stakeholders, both government and private and also to seek to build stronger ties within our community via Events and Activities.

Why are there two classes of members Financial (Ordinary, Family) and Non-Financial (Associate)?  This was done specifically to seek to engage the Community whilst we build membership.   The Associate members can have the benefit of most of what the Association provides with exception they aren't legally allowed to vote at formal meetings or run for the Management Committee.

Where does the money from the membership go?  We don't have any staff or employees we pay The Community Co to be our registered address and provide accounting/banking services for the Association.  We also pay for our website/member management software, domain name registrations and most importantly insurance.  Insurance is required to book a BCC park or a town hall etc and is our largest cost.  Everything is audited and submitted to the State Government and we are a registered Not for Profit (NFP).

Is my membership a tax deduction?  Unfortunately not we are a Not for Profit (NFP) but not a Registered Charity.  There are additional specific requirements and reporting for Charity's and advice from other Associations has been that it is not viable for us.

Are there formal meetings? By Law we have an AGM once a year (last was December 2021) where the full members (financial) can vote on issues and be elected to Statutory roles.

So how can I vote at an AGM?  If you are a financial member you will be invited to the AGM or you will be sent details of electronic voting, last AGM the majority of members voted electronically but this could have been a Covid impact.

Can I be involved but not be in a formal committee?  Absolutely we are always looking for volunteers to help out and particularly if you have a concept for an event or activity you want to run with.  Those with good communications/graphics skills to help with this website and newsletter are very welcome. 

I have an idea for an Activity or Event but not sure how to get started?  Get in touch with us at events@hamiltonreach.org.au, we are aiming in 2022 to get more active in supporting things in this area.

If I want to organise an event what can HRCA to do help me?   We don't currently have much in the way of physical resources, we do have the Facebook group to post it in, but keep in mind many of our residents aren't on Facebook so there are the Newsletters and this website.  If you want to host the event in a public place that requires a booking with Public Liability insurance we can provide that umbrella if we work together.  Ultimately we want our residents to have a vibrant variety of events and activities for all the community and we aim to help support that and be a part of it as residents as well.

I would like to be involved in a more formal way and perhaps sit on the Management Committee next year?  We would love to hear from you please email us at info@hamiltonreach.org.au and we will catch up and give you an outline.

I have some concerns about issues in the Community and not sure where to raise them?  The Northshore Precinct is complicated with overlapping layers of state government and Brisbane City Council.  The HRCA does meet with all parties including EDQ and are happy to raise or support issues that impact the broader community.  In the first instance if you want help understanding where responsibility falls then email as at info@hamiltonreach.org.au

Is the HRCA associated with or controlled by Frasers Property?  We do communicate regularly with Frasers and they help sponsor events such as the Twilight Picnic.  The HRCA is however an independent registered NFP, and Frasers Property are not on the Management Committee.

The Hamilton Reach Community Association Inc. acknowledges the Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the first inhabitants of the nation and the traditional custodians of the lands where we live, learn and work.

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Images from in and Around the Hamilton Reach Community supplied by: 

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